Using Our Keywords Database

Using our Keywords Database is a great way of generating traffic with any AdWords campaign. Our Keywords Search Volume Database enables you to get traffic directly from your keyword lists. Many of the free keyword tools like Open Office and Dreamweaver don’t give an exact number of searches per month. This makes it hard to gauge whether your keywords are actually converting traffic into sales. Using our Keywords database you will get complete information about each keyword: from its basic Google AdWords statistics to customized augmented clickstream search volumes, and much more.

Focus on the ideal product when providing all the required data to it. Remember, your goal is to create ads that attract clicks and hence generate sales. If you focus on older popular keywords, you will have to make do with fewer searches per month, but it may take quite a while before your ad starts to generate revenues. Hence, set your goals and be patient – if your keywords start converting traffic into sales in the coming months, then that would be just perfect.

Use our Keyword database not only to see your competitors but also to identify and analyze keywords that are not performing too well. Once you get some idea of what keywords you want to use for your PPC ad, use our Keyword Tool to find out which keywords are not doing so well. Then you can either remove them or concentrate on using more targeted keywords. On the whole, our Keywords Tool will help you to fine-tune your AdWords campaign and increase your chances of getting quality ads that bring in conversions.

With our keyword database, you will get detailed information database keywords on how many times each keyword is searched over a given period. You can clearly identify which keywords are not performing so well and make necessary changes. You can also find out which ads are getting a higher click-through rate, how much AdSense you are paying, and how many new visitors are coming to your site. You can take this data with you when you join other PPC advertising programs like Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Knowing your competition is one way to get ahead of them, so keeping track of what your competitors are doing will give you a leg up.

Another great thing about our keyword database is that it shows you how many times certain keywords are searched during AdSense. This is helpful because you will be able to estimate how many people will click on those keywords. When you have this information, it is easy to plan your keywords to improve your click-through rates. There are many ways to do this, but once you get a feel for what your potential keywords are doing, it is usually easy to identify what needs to be improved.

The Keyword database is also great for tracking exactly where your ads are showing. When you see an ad that is doing really well in one location but not so well in another, it is easy to pinpoint why. There are many factors that can affect how well a keyword phrase is doing in a PPC ad, such as competition, keyword length, and ad placement. With our keyword database, you will know where to target your campaigns so that they are more effective.

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